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Electrical Installations in New Construction & Additions

All commercial buildings are required to hire the services of an electrical contractor and these services are an inseparable part of new construction & additions on your premises. New construction will require the entire job to be carried out and complete installation is necessary, with wiring and fittings.

On the other hand, a remodeling project might not see a complete overhaul of the existing electrical systems and it might just be a part –repair/ replacement job that takes place. Even after the new constructions & additions have been carried out, regular maintenance and upgrades are required to ensure that the entire electrical system is working the way it should. Constructing a building and then designing the interiors to make them suitable for use is a humongous task.

All Electrical Jobs

It’s not just about constructing walls and ceilings, it also about having all the right electrical installations and fittings in place before the employees move in and business begins in earnest. Having the right accessories is a perquisite from a legal viewpoint as well as from the point of view of making the place aesthetically appealing and livable. Today, electrical installations go far beyond just the basic. Prime Electric also handles installation of internet cables, phone cables as well as cabling for fire alarms and security systems.

The Cost Factor

All of these are very essential and are generally a part of new construction & additions. It is best to plan all the required electrical fittings and installations well. Architects generally draw out plans for everything when they are designing a building and its surrounding space. The outer areas also have to be attended to and if there is any lighting in the landscaping that too can be carried out when the new construction & additions work is being carried out.

One main advantage of getting all this work at one shot is that it is very cost-effective. Since the project will be large, the number of accessories, fittings and other materials is very large. That gives us a chance to negotiate prices with our suppliers and pass on that concession to you. Our aim is to provide you with the best services and use the highest quality supplies, to ensure the safety of your premises.

Total Commitment

Even after we have completed all the electrical installation in new construction & additions, our task is not over. We encourage our customers to sign maintenance agreements and ensure that regular checks and testing is carried out on the installation. Our reliability and responsiveness is our forte and we are available 24/7 at your service, in case you need our help in any electrical emergency.

Our firm belief is that electrical accidents are preventable and using the best materials and the right installation methods prevents fire hazards from occurring. When we serve as your electrical contractors, you have peace of mind and know that your property is well protected. Contact Prime Electric on 812-288-1344 or at 5813 Hamburg Pike, Jeffersonville, IN 47130 for the best new construction & additions in Kentucky and Indiana and the surrounding areas.

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