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Illuminating Commercial Spaces with Lighting Upgrades

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in any building and this is truer of all kinds of commercial premises. Offices, shops and other commercial establishments as well as industries and factories must have the right kind of lighting. This is because all these areas are used for one or the other type of work. Studies have proved that having the right lighting can improve productivity and efficiency of the employees. Not all offices have industrial kind of lighting and many also like to have a very comfortable and welcoming ambience.

The Right Timing

There are also times when commercial establishments carry out remodeling jobs as well as changing other elements like flooring, dry-walling etc. This is the best time to consider lighting upgrades. There are always some areas of lighting that need improvement and it is important to have the latest fittings and wiring as these will increase the safety of your premises.

Carrying out lighting upgrades in your office/shop/factory, decide when remodeling work is in progress saves you money as the floor or wall panels will not get damaged. Here are some things you should keep in mind while planning lighting upgrades:

  • Assess- Assess exactly how the existing lighting feels. Ascertain whether it serves your work purposes and whether it is sufficient and updated as per the required standards. This kind of an assessment will help you understand exactly which changes you require and the budget that you will have to allocate for it.
  • Plan- Once the assessment of the lighting upgrades has been completed, outline a plan. In most offices, the work areas will require task lighting while recessed lighting might be preferred in waiting and reception or lobby areas. If the commercial space is a hotel or a restaurant, this space will require special attention and a welcoming look will have to be aimed for. Having the right ambience goes a long way in enhancing the “feel” of the space and keeps employees happy.
  • Execution- Prime Electric can also help you with ideas for lighting. If you already have an interior designer or an architect helping you with ideas and plans, we can work with them and understand exactly what your needs are and the budget that you want to work with. Once we have understood this, we set about using the best materials and carry out all the upgrades you want, in the fastest possible time. 

Strategic Planning Required

Lighting upgrades can never be planned randomly. Strategic planning is required and you will also have to take into account, the outside spaces that are in the immediate surroundings of your property. Once you have a reliable lighting contractor and planner working for you, projects such as these can be hassle-free and the end product will be just as you wanted it to be. Contact Prime Electric on 812-288-1344 or at 5813 Hamburg Pike, Jeffersonville, IN 47130 for the best lighting upgrades in Kentucky and Indiana and the surrounding areas.

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