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Fire Alarm Systems are Crucial for all Commercial Premises   

Every business owner wants to keep their property well-protected from all kinds of dangers and fire becomes one hazard that keeps them on guard at all times. The one way to give yourself some peace of mind is to ask Prime Electric install a fire alarm system on your commercial premises. It will protect you from fire and the resultant financial losses. This is not something that is used on a daily basis but having one installed is very important.

Types of Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems alert you in case it detects at smoke or fire which can keep you warned in case of a fire outbreak. It helps in protecting property and keeps your commercial premises and all those who work there, safe from harm.  So, exactly how does a fire alarm system work and how does it set off an alarm? There are a variety of fire alarm systems and the one that you opt for will depend on where it is going to be installed and the area that it is going to cover.

  • M Alarm- This is a manually activated alarm and many buildings still use it. It can be found installed in stairwells and hallways and near emergency exists in a building. This alarm has a lever and pulling that lever sets off the alarm. This alarm does not have any automatic functionality like the more technologically-advanced automatic fire alarm systems that are available today
  • L Alarm- This is another variety of fire alarm. Once it detects any smoke, it sets off a very loud alarm and many of these models also have bright flashing lights that alert those in the building, about the fire
  • P Alarm- These fire alarm systems are very technologically advanced and it is a perfect piece of equipment for protecting commercial property and the lives of the people who work in the building. Once the P alarm detects a fire, it resonates with a very loud inbuilt alarm just like the L alarm dose.

 But it takes its safety task one step further. It also alerts fire-fighters and other concerned authorities about the fire break-out. Since there is no delay in informing the fire fighters, rescue teams can be sent out to the effected spot without any delay. This goes a long way in curtailing the damage faster and there will be less of a loss of property.

The Automatic Choice

Today, most commercial businesses Prime Electric serves opt for automatic fire alarm systems. These are extremely effective in raising the alarm and provide maximum security in a workplace. No business owner should have second thoughts about installing fire alarm systems on their premises. Apart from protecting one’s own property, it is also the business owner’s responsibility to ensure that all the employees are safe and protected from fire hazards.

We have the best fire alarm systems and the expertise to install them in the right manner. We also ensure that they are maintained well and offer the highest levels of customer service. Contact Prime Electric on 812-288-1344 or at 5813 Hamburg Pike, Jeffersonville, IN 47130 for the best fire alarm systems in Kentucky and Indiana and the surrounding areas.

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