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Commercial Electricians Jeffersonville, IN

Businesses, big and small, rely heavily on electricity to function and cater to the needs of their clientele. And as any commercial property owner knows, even the shortest power outage could lead to huge losses in terms of income, image, and customer trust and satisfaction. But why wait for such problems to happen when you can act now and hire professionals like us to handle your electrical needs?

At Prime Electric, we have commercial electricians who can quickly determine your specific electrical problem or perform your needed services. They have decades of combined experience, and they have all the certifications, training, and relevant knowledge required to handle various electrical concerns. They have also completed numerous projects for our clients in Jeffersonville, IN, as well as in Louisville, KY, and St. Matthews, KY.

Commercial Electrical Installation

If you’re looking for commercial electricians to perform new installation on your property, we have the right people who can help you. Our electricians are trained to ensure a successful electrical system installation for commercial establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, offices, and fast-food chains. They can prepare electrical installation plans according to local building codes to ensure that the installations will be done the standard way.

They can also help pick the right lighting fixtures in coordination with your engineer or building contractor. This way, you and your clients can expect to enjoy the full benefits of our electrical installations.

System Upgrades

It is a fact that existing electrical installations can get outdated and eventually fail to supply the newer and higher power requirements of a business establishment. In such case, our commercial electricians will be your best choice to perform the necessary upgrades to your current electrical system. We have access to top-notch lighting products, materials, and supplies, so we can surely provide the best-possible system upgrade to address your business’ present electricity needs.

Repair and Maintenance

As we’ve said, commercial properties can’t expect to conduct normal operations if their electrical system is problematic. Whether you got a blown fuse or defective lighting fixtures, our people can fix them quickly and get your business back on track. We can also help extend your system’s service life and avoid unnecessary repairs by performing periodic maintenance. Our commercial electricians are licensed in Kentucky and Indiana, so we can surely reach you wherever you may be in these states.

Other Electrical Services that We Offer

At Prime Electric, we offer other affordable electrical services for commercial clients. Our services include commercial generator installation, lighting upgrades, installation of fire alarm systems, underground swimming pool lighting system installation, and other related electrical tasks.

We can work on any type of commercial property or business in Jeffersonville and other Indiana and Kentucky cities – from a simple office and restaurant to production facilities. We have experienced commercial electricians who are all certified and licensed.

With our experience and knowledge, we can work even on highly advanced and complex electrical systems and installations. We can do upgrades based on NEC regulations to ensure safety. For example, we can install safety features, such as circuit breakers (type D, nonadjustable, adjustable, inverse, arc-fault, ground fault, and instantaneous), bus bars, busway, and other safety features.

Hire Competent and Experienced Commercial Electricians

For all your electrical services needs, our commercial electricians will be there when you need their expert help. Wherever you may be in Jeffersonville, IN or nearby Kentucky area, rest assured that we will always provide you with reliable services. Dial 812-288-1344 today.

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